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Kodi (XBMC) Installation & Configuration

This guide will attempt to briefly provide anyone interested in creating a media center capable of delivering virtually any media available online, free or paid, as well as playing any media collection you already have. Kodi is the framework for configuring the best custom media center anyone could hope to, and it is Open Source, constantly upgraded / developed by an active community, and per the nature of open source, will always be free. All of its updates will also, always be free. Don't let that fool you! Kodi is better than the paid media centers I have experienced, and well worth the time and effort it takes to set it up. While it can access any paid media service you have, paying for media is not necessary, as it will access virtually anything you could ever want for free, and on demand, as well. This guide will attempt to cover the Windows installation in the USA (English Speaking) with possible work arounds to being blocked in other countries.

NOTE: I will put up this rough outline (more like installation notes, but working on becoming the guide promised), and will updated it over time, until it becomes a proper guide. I apologize for the delay, as this is taking MUCH longer to pull everything together than I had hoped.

Step 1 - Get and Install Kodi

Get the Latest Full Version  of Kodi HERE!
Download the latest full version of Kodi, and install it on your computer. At the present time this it is Krypton.
This page was originally written for older versions of the Kodi interface (before 17), but has been updated for the newer interface.
This is the framework for your entire media center!


NOTE: If you are installing Kodi in a Linux based operating system, you will need to install from the Terminal if you want the latest stable release.
The Kodi interface is the same for ALL operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.
For a guide to Installing Kodi in Ubuntu (Linux), See the section on doing exactly that, at the bottom of this very page.

Step 2 - Add Repositories for Add-ons, to set up Kodi

Repositories are where all the Add-ons which give kodi it amazing abilities are.
Linux users will have a  better idea of what repositories are.
Repositories are basically where all the software (Add-ons) for Kodi are.
You need to add Repositories, in order to access the zip files containing the Add-ons!
This guide will provide you with the must have Repositories, that every Kodi user will want.

NOTE: You may copy and paste the repository links below from this page into Kodi's File Manager.
HINT: To Paste into Kodi, Hold down the ctrl key and press v - To Copy you may also hold the ctrl key and press c

NOTE: From KODI 17 on (Estuary Theme), System is now accessed by a Gear Icon - See image below

Home Page image from top left corner of interface

Getting around in KODI 17 - With NO BACK BUTTON

NOTE: There is NO Back Button icon, or Home Button icon in Estuary (KODI's latest theme).
When you need to go back a page or level, and there is no   ..   up one page / level (parent) option,
the following will work:

1) Right Click in an empty space on the page you are on
2) Left click the page / path title in the top left corner of the page
3) Press the Backspace button on the keyboard
4) Press the Escape (esc) key on the keyboard

From Kodi's Home Screen, go to:  System >> File Manager >> Add Source.
NOTE: In addition to adding the link, be sure to name them accordingly, so that you can find them later, when you add Zip Files.

Kodi Repository Links you want to add

Link Name Ares for the Ares wizard maintenance tool only
    Colossus Repo Dimitrology has k3l3vra for SALTS JesusBox  has Genesis Reborn KodiStuff has Smash Repo MuckyDuck has M4U NanRepo has Elysium NoobsAndNerds SimplyCaz SuperRepo HalowTV for sports streaming
NOTE:  SimplyCaz repo may help with Exodus.

Working Major / Top Movie / TV Add-ons are: Covenant, SALTS, Specto-... Fork, Elysium, 1Channel, M4U
SALTS Add-ons may take a little work to get it working optimally.
Major US TV Network add-ons, right from the Kodi repository, that comes with Kodi, work, such as WABC,, WCBS, WNBS, Sci-Fi, Hallmark
As well as various Add-ons, like PVR IPTV Simple Client, some music, and picture add-ons.

See Fixing SALTS in Kodi after tvaddons / Fusion went down, below.

See Fixing Exodus in Kodi after tvaddons / Fusion went down, below.

I have provided GitHub links to the developers repository zip files, which may be downloaded, and then added to Kodi via Kodi's Install from zip feature, to get you through the loss of the original tvaddons / Fusion repository, as well as fixes for SALTS and Exodus which retain their FULL functionality, instead of stripping them down, as others have done. BEWARE SALTS 2.0.196 is currently a stripped down version, being pushed at you as an update. 2.0.196 is currently a 3rd party stripped down version. 2.0.195 is currently the latest OFFICIAL k3l3vra version, and is not stripped down, but needs a fix since the loss of tvaddons / fusion, the associated trakt API authorization was also lost for both SALTS and Exodus, when the original Fusion went down, which they need in order to function.
You can check for the latest OFFICIAL SALTS version number HERE!
The fixes we provide are easy to do, and restores full functionality of the OFFICIAL versions.
The fixes we provide puts you in control of the trakt API authorization, so you'll never lose it again, unless the file with your fix is overwritten. Since the initial loss of Fusion some repaired versions of SALTS have been released by 3rd parties, which seem to function, and one (Cyphers locker) which seems to not function correctly. Switch SALTS to manual update to prevent Kodi from automatically installing the Cyphers locker version.

NOTE: MrKnow which is required for the Bob Add-on.
If you want the Bob Add-on you need MrKnow, first...As a reference, here is the file name of MrKnow:  script.mrknow.urlresolver

Optional Kodi Repository Links

Link Name DandyMedia Goliath  - for Evolve Add-on UK Megatron TopTutorials
NOTE: Repositories in TopTutorials may not be as up to date as Repositories from
the links provided under:   Kodi Repository Links you want to add   above.
There may be content not included in Kodi Repository Links you do want to add.
See TopTutorials WebSite - NO guarantees related to content you add AdryanList Agent47 AlphaAddon Deliverance Fusion  Just returned with new URL - has Indigo - not yet as good as it used to be. GavinDixon GenieTV Husham KodiHelp KodiStuff KodiTips Maverick Merlin   - Beware hacked Merlin versions of add-ons Midian   - for Beus Place One4all RmKodi Sanctuary StreamHub   - has Live Hub MediaRepos WolfPack   - password:  tammyaba

Kodi Repository Links In Between Optional and Not to add

Link Name RMKodi - for Renegades install NinjaSys - NOTE: Adult content SportsManiaRocks - empty Willow - SportsMania MainaServices - SportsMania
NOTE: Sports Mania requires a Paid Account! - various repos available GoodFellas UKTurk

Kodi Repository Links NOT to add!!!
Not recommended - Reference Only
- Use at own risk

Link Name Gentecwiz - Nothing great TaffyMC - Outdated files LihatTV - Foreign - Not in English Solved - Outdated files - adult MontrealDroid - Outdated files
NOTE: Use of links in THIS section (Directly above) is NOT recommended!!!

Kodi Repositories No Longer Available

Link Name (Outdated) Ares (New ARES link available) Fusion FilmKodi MetalKettle KodiStuff     - has SportsDevil XunityTalk TombRaider SilentHunter
NOTE: SilentHunter is for those who wish to add the Silent Hunter Add-on StreamArmy
NOTE: StreamArmy is for those who wish to add the Stream Army Add-on Renegades - for Renegades updates Origin - for Sanctuary
NOTE: Green section all related to Renegades Add-on, which involves a lot of work Kaosbox - Not in English Tugafree - Outdated files ProZone - Bad or Outdated DanElmore EchoCoder - Now part of Fusion iWillFolo - go to & read about it Jas0npc SportsMania - Use new SportsMania, Williow, or ManiaServices TotalXBMC - Use NoobsAndNerds TecBox - TV Guide Program - dead
NOTE: TotalXBMC was replaced by noobsandnerds Community Portal

GitHub Repository Zip Files
These may be helpful to people trying to cope during the fusion law suit repository shutdown. GitHub sources for other repos also provided below.

URL Resolver

K3l3vra &

k3l3vra Repo
Exodus for now, use SimplyCaz
MrKnowURL Resolver
A dependency for Bob & Specto
TKNorris Beta Repo

NOTE: Some fixes for issues resulting from repo sites currently being down.

Download the repository zip files from their source, and install in Kodi using Install from zip option. Then update what needs updating, from the manually installed repos.

Covenant can be installed using the Colossus repo.

The URL Resolver can also be obtained from the k3l3vra repo

SALTS (official) can be installed from k3l3vra Repo, and repaired using the fix listed below.
The best third party version of SALTS, currently available, is from Smash repo, version 2.0.203

Elysium can be installed from NanRepo.

1Channel can be installed from the k3l3vra Repo.

M4U can be installed from the MuckyDuck Repo.

Specto-... Fork can be installed from the FilmKodi Repo.

SALTS 2.0.300 from TKNorris repo works well, and does not require the fix!
SALTS 2.0.203 from Smash repo works well, and does not require the fix!

More possible fixes to issues created by repos going down, coming soon.
Working on Search and Trakt fixes, for Major Movie / TV Add-ons Add-ons that require them.


NEXT Add the Zip Files:
Before KODI 17: From the Home Screen, go to: System >> Settings >> Add-ons >> Install from zip file

From KODI 17 on:

NOTE: In System >> System Settings >> Add-ons >> Unknown Sources needs to be enabled!
Click YES on the Warning dialog Box
From the Home Page: Scroll down to Add-Ons

Home page image - Left Side of interface

CLICK on Add-ons to open an Add-ons window - Do not just hover Add-ons, Click it
Then click the Package Manager Icon - See image Below

Add-on page image - Top left side of page

Then Click on Install from zip file

Proceed to add the zip files, listed below, using Install from zip File, until all are added

Kodi Repository Zip's you want to add

In alphabetical order


Repository Folder Zip Name Notes
repository.aresproject/ For Ares Wizard - Use the Maintenance tool in Ares Wizard, only!
Ares Wizard Maintenance tool is a good replacement for Indego, as a Kodi Maintenance tool.
It clears cache, packages, and thumbnails, manually or automatically.
This Wizard also provides the Covenant add-on, if MediaRepos site temporarily goes down, from too much demand.


Repository Folder Zip Name Notes Where x.x.x is the current version number
Ares Wizard Maintenance tool is a good replacement for Indego, as a Kodi Maintenance tool.
It clears cache, packages, and thumbnails, manually or automatically.
For the direct developers source to the k3l3vra repository CLICK HERE
Then download the latest k3l3vra repo zip file to your computers hard drive.
Then using Install from zip, in Kodi, browse to the file you downloaded, and install it.
After installing this version of SALTS, do the fix provided HERE to get full functionality of SALTS.


Repository Folder Zip Name Notes
  repository.HalowTV Version and .zip omitted - live Sports
NOTE: This is a live streaming add-on which is becoming popular for live sports streaming


Repository Folder Zip Name Notes Where x.x.x is the current version number
NOTE: This is a live streaming add-on which is becoming popular for live sports streaming


Repository Folder Zip Name Notes For the Covenant add-on
NOTE: Sometimes this site goes down due to too much traffic, but comes back later.
If the site is temporarily down, you can find Covenant in Ares Wizard, as well.


Repository Folder Zip Name Notes Where x.x.x is the current version number
Provides the M4U add-on, which is an excellent add-on for movies and TV.  must have.


Repository Folder Zip Name Notes Select the latest file by (date)
For the Elysium add-on. Elysium is a fork of Zen, and is an excellent must have add-on.


Repository Folder Zip Name Notes Was
NOTE: This allows installation of the Community Portal add-on which was formerly TotalXBMC Total Installer, then Community Portal
It also provides occasional updates for other things.


Repository Folder Zip Name Notes
.Repository (Click Here)/ Where x.x.x is the current version number


Repository Folder Zip Name Notes
krypton >> all Krypton is the current version of Kodi installed
NOTE: Repository Folder krypton >> all assumes that krypton is the version  of Kodi you have installed.
If you have a different version of Kodi, select the folder corresponding to your version of Kodi followed by the all folder.





Repository Folder Zip Name Notes
Repos Where x.x is the current version number Optional for skins
NOTE: If XXX Adult content is desired, then also add:  or
Also available, are older repositories, that are otherwise no longer available.

MrKnow - dependency for Bob and Specto

Repository Folder Zip Name Notes Select the latest file by  Archive download here
NOTE: MrKnow may need to be added first, for a few really good Add-ons, such as Specto-...Fork, and Bob - may take a while to Enable


Download Link Notes

Click to Download

Click: Install from Zip >> Brows to download location on your computer, and click on


Next scroll down to step 3

Or Click Here to scroll down automatically





Fusion is gone - try to find alternate sources for repos ONLY IF NEEDED

Plugin and Repository sources may be downloaded and installed with "
Install from zip" in Kodi
Most of the links provided below, are from the OFFICIAL developer, of the repos and add-ons,
and the actual source you were using before, from these repos.
You will need to check for developer updates, on GitHub, as you won't have repos like Fusion doing it for you.
You CAN install a very good set-up, since Fusion went away,  without these repos!
Except k3l3vra if you want SALTS and / or 1Channel and Exodus for Exodus
Repositories that used to be in original Fusion - FOR REFERENCE ONLY
Fusion has returned, but with much less content than before!
Repository Folder Zip Name Notes
start-here Where x.x.x is the current version number
start-here Where x.x.x is the current version number - ???
xbmc-repos >> English repository.BlazeRepo Version and .zip omitted - GitHub
xbmc-repos >> English repository.dudehere Version and .zip omitted - GitHub or Super Repo
xbmc-repos >> English repository.eldorado Version and .zip omitted - Super Repo
xbmc-repos >> English repository.eleazar Version and .zip omitted - GitHub
xbmc-repos >> English repository.entertainmentrepobackup Version and .zip omitted - GitHub
xbmc-repos >> English repository.exodus questionable source Version and .zip omitted - Super Repo - beware stripped down higher version than official SALTS, from this GithHub
xbmc-repos >> English repository.k3l3vra Version and .zip omitted - GitHub - Provides official SALTS
xbmc-repos >> English repository.Kinkin Version and .zip omitted - GitHub
xbmc-repos >> English repository.metalchris Version and .zip omitted - GitHub
xbmc-repos >> English repository.Mikey1234 Version and .zip omitted - GitHub
xbmc-repos >> English repository.podgod Version and .zip omitted - Husham - Super Repo
xbmc-repos >> English repository.rayw1986 Version and .zip omitted - GitHub
xbmc-repos >> English repository.Rodrigo Version and .zip omitted - GitHub
xbmc-repos >> English repository.The_Silencer Version and .zip omitted - GitHub
xbmc-repos >> English repository.tknorris Version and .zip omitted - Beta - GitHub
xbmc-repos >> English repository.unofficialsportsdevil Version and .zip omitted - Super Repo
xbmc-repos >> English repository.xbmchub Version and .zip omitted - GitHub


xbmc-repos >> English repository.ddurdle Stream from content popular cloud storage services - GitHub
xbmc-repos >> English repository.jsergio  
xbmc-repos >> English repository.natko Version and .zip omitted - Castaway Add-on - GitHub

No longer available on Fusion - before Fusion went down

xbmc-repos >> English repository.divingmule Version and .zip omitted - GitHub -reference to old add-ons
xbmc-repos >> English repository.lambda Version and .zip omitted - GitHub
xbmc-repos >> English repository.TheYid Version and .zip omitted - GitHub
NOTE: SALTS and 1Channel :
will no longer develop or host SALTS and 1Channel, but they will still be developed, and hosted.
They have been handed off to k3l3vra. The k3l3vra repository is being worked on right now, and will soon be available.
If you want to add it before there is a file manager link you can go HERE and download the file.
Then in Kodi simply Install from zip file, and browse to your downloaded file, and add it.
When the k3l3vra repository is installed, go to Install from repository and scroll down to k3l3vra >> Video Add-ons and select Stream All The Sources. Click Install or update, depending on your situation. You should then be good to go...I will update this page when a repository link becomes available, for the file manager.

There are many repo zip files available HERE!

NOTE: You may add Adult content from Fusion's xxx-adult folder, if desired.
Do NOT Add:   from start-here, as it will reset Kodi to just installed condition undoing all your configuration work.


Repository Folder Zip Name Notes Where x.x.x is the current version number

MetalKettle gone - try to find alternate sources

Repository Folder Zip Name Notes Where x.x.x is the current version number - Use MuckyDuck
1....Recommended Repositories/ Old lambda to fill in for lambda missing from Fusion
XunityTalk gone - try to find alternate sources
Repository Folder Zip Name Notes  Try Kodil ? - only does iStream add-on - Not really necessary
NOTE: Do NOT add:  as the automatic install of iStream, MUST be installed manually, or it can cause Kodi crashes!

TombRaider gone - try to find alternate sources

Repository Folder Zip Name Notes Where -x.x is the latest version number - SuperRepo
NOTE: TombRaider has the Add-on: The Pyramid

NOTE: There are MANY guide Videos to setting up Kodi on YouTube. If you get stuck on something Google it, and watch YouTube Videos.
Once you get acclimated to Kodi Setup, it all becomes routine, and it is no longer hard at all. It just takes acquiring some familiarly with the interface.

Here is a list of Un-Official Repositories. While some may have good content, any of them you use, you use at your own risk!

Step 3 - Install Add-ons for Content

NOTE: When adding Add-ons if there is more than one of the same Add-on, check the version of both Add-ons to make sure you ONLY add the newest (highest revision level) Add-on.

Adding Add-ons From KODI 17 on:

From the Home Page: Scroll down to Add-Ons

Home page image - Left Side of interface

CLICK on Add-ons to open an Add-ons window - Do not just hover Add-ons, Click it
Then click the Package Manager Icon - See image Below

Add-on page image - Top left side of page

Then Click on Install from repository
NOTE: you may choose individual repositories, or All repositories, then select the type of Add-on you wish to install.
Example: Video Add-ons


Video add-ons for a great basic set-up
From the Kodi repository that comes with Kodi:
ABC Family
PBS Think TV
Travel Channel

From Colossus Repo and Ares Wizard:

Covenant - This Add-on will likely be your most used add-on. It lets you quickly and easily stream almost any TV show or movie out there, and integrates with your Trakt account, to keep track of your collected shows and movies, and to indicate for you what you already watched, so it is easy to select the next episode. It takes it a moment to load your collection from Trakt, but scrapes and plays quickly, and with the least effort.
Be sure to go into Settings >> Accounts
And add API and account log-ins for all the sites in the accounts section. If you do not have FREE accounts on those sites, you will need to create them.
Note - The ONLY FREE Debrid account you want active in Resolvers section of accounts is Simply Debrid.

From k3l3vra through the TKNorris or Smash Repository:

SALTS (2.0.300 from TKNorris currently seems to be the latest best option. 2.0.203 from Smash was the previous best option - Avoid Cyphers locker which does not work correctly)
(Version 2.0.195 can be fixed with the fix HERE)
This is a must have Add-, but requires lots of set-up.
Then it gets more content than any other. If you cannot get something to play in Covenant (likely a new movie that was literally just released in the theater), assuming a streaming source exists, online, then this is the add-on to find that source, and get it playing. SALTS is still relevant, but there is no REPO hosting the developer, since TVaddons was removed, and so there has been no official development for it, since. Currently it still works well enough to keep for those hard to get bleeding edge, just released in the theater, new movies. Or, wait for it to become available in Covenant, as it typically does not take very much longer for Covenant to get it, if it does not have it already.

1Channel - Also a good add-on from the same developer, but requires / has no Trakt integration.

From Nan Repo:


From JesusBox Repo

Genesis Reborn

From Colossus Repo

Bennu   (Somewhat a Phoenix replacement, for those who liked Phoenix)

From MuckyDuck Repo:


From Smash Repo (MrKnow no longer available)

Specto-... Fork   (Still works, but no longer being updated, and slowly becoming irrelevant)
NOTE: It is a good idea to go through the add-on settings, and create free accounts, to sites the add-ons use,
then enter those log-ins into the add-on settings, so that the add-ons can utilize these sites resources.
A list of the free accounts, and their links, which you should get, because they are well utilized by various Add-ons, can be found lower down this page, in Step 4 Configure Add-ons, HERE.


Other Video Add-ons worth checking out (adding), in alphabetical order:
1080P Movies - This add-on plays movies in 1080P after 4 hour activation from - from the optional dandymedia repo
1Channel - A MUST HAVE! - does not use a accounnt. good for rare occasions when trakt is temporarily unavailable
2Movies - Create an account at:  and enter the log-in in Configuration, and change the Domain to
ABC Family - ABC Family TV shows
Al Jazeera - Don't let the name fool you, this provides World News in English.
Alluc - Stream lots of Movie and TV content
AMC - See AMC original Series shows - High Quality stream and video - IF AVAILABLE
Apple iTunes Pod Casts
Bennu - Somewhat of a replacement for the Phoenix Add-on, with some of the Phoenix developers contributing to it.
Binky TV - A huge selection of one click play kids shows for very young children - from the optional dandymedia repo
Bob (Bob unrestricted) - A good new Add-on from some of the people who brought you the Phoenix Add-on - Requires MrKnow
Bravo - Bravo on demand
Canada On Demand - Watch shows from Canadian TV Stations on demand
Cartoon HD Extra - Lots of Cartoons, but also Movies
CanTVLive - Live Streaming Canadian TV Channels, in English
-Castaway - Used to stream live sports - may require online accounts - may not be free - may not work in the USA
CBSN News Live - Watch CBSN Live, or on demand previously recorded content
CBS News - Prerecorded news shows, on demand, includes "Latest". Also CBS News Shows, such as 48 Hours.
cCloud TV - Lots of live streaming TV channels (world wide) and more. Community maintained. Most work, most of the time
CLiQ! - Good Content, but also many streaming TV stations
Comic Strips
ComicVine Video Podcasts
Covenant  - A MUST HAVE for Movies and TV - Newest by the makers of Exodus - will likely become your most used add-on!
Crackler - (NOT Crackle!)
DailyMotion - (Some people like this - Any Add-ons you don't like can be easily uninstalled)
Democracy Now!
Disclose TV - For all things Alien
DIY Network - Shows from DIY Network
EarthCam - If you like checking out internet cameras all around the world, this is a nice interface for it.
EEV Blog - Electrical Engineering Videos
Elysium - A must have Add-on that provides access to almost any Movies and / or TV shows,
Engadget - Videos on new tech hardware / gadgets
Entertainment Hub - Movies and TV shows
ESA Videos - European Space Agency
ESO Videos - European Southern Observatory
ESPN 3 - ESPN Sports on demand
Esquire TV - Shows content exclusive to Esquire Network
Exodus - WAS A MUST HAVE for Movies and TV - newest by Lamda, makers of Genesis - No longer developed - Replaced by Covenant
ExPat TV - Live UK TV
FilmOn - Another Movie Source - be sure to set up a free account here:  Sign-Up 3rd icon down the left side.
Films For Action - (If you're into that sort of thing)
FliXanity - A MUST HAVE - Movies and TV - be sure to set up a free account here:
Flixnet - Great for movies and TV shows - NEW in JesusBox Repo
Focus Online - News
Food Network - Content from Food Network on demand
Fox News .com  - (Shows News and Show Clips)
Funnier Moments - Hanna-Barberra Cartoons
G4 TV - Latest Tech Gadgets
Geek Sundry - If you're into geek things
Genesis - EXODUS IS THE NEW VERSION OF GENESIS-Covenant is the new version of Exodus-WAS A MUST HAVE-Movies and TV
Genesis Reborn - Like the old Genesis add-on, great for movies and TV.
Gobble Gobble - A large selection of live TV channels from around the world - usually load fast, and play reasonably well for a live stream
GQ - The Mens Magazine on demand
Hallmark Channel - Watch shows aired on Hallmark Channel on demand.
Halow Live TV - Live streaming TV - This add-on is commonly used to stream live sports events, but has other content
Hardware.Info TV - If you build your own computers, this has information on all the latest hardware
HGTV - Content exclusive to the HGTV Network
High Tech Corvette - High Performance Car videos
Hot For Words - Vocabulary Lessons, exploring words
How Stuff Works - Videos examining how stuff works
i24 News - Lots of News Here, including a live stream
IceFilms - A MUST HAVE! - Lots of Movies, TV, and Music
IMDb Trailers - Because sometimes a Movie Trailer helps you to decide what movie you want to watch.
InfoWars - Watch Info Wars latest shows or some older content, on demand
iStream (Do NOT install automatically, this MUST be done manually or it can cause Kodi to malfunction, and even shut down - Best left alone!)
JohnLocker - Content looking at the world we live in
Jupiter Broadcasting - Another Tech content provider
Khan Academy - Free Online Course Videos - Many topics
Kiddie Cartoons - For the little ones
Kids WB - This Add-on provides practically NO content, and is a total waste of time!
Kids WB - DC Nation - Add-on provides only slightly more content than Kids WB, and still a waste of time
Live Hub - Allows you to play populat APK's from within Kodi, like Mobdro
LinkTV - Content intended to engage, educate, and encourage people to become involved
LiveLeak - Content based on leaked information and information from whistle blowers
Los Movies - Movies and TV
M4U - A really good one click play Movie add-on, from the Mucky Duck repository
Mash Up - If you see this Add-on, the site associated with it no longer exists, so you do not need or want this Add-on!
Maverick TV - Lots of good Movie, TV, and Music content
Metacafe - Provides various videos
MetalVideo- If you like Metal Music Videos, this Add-on has you covered
MeTV - Provides Classic (old) TV Content - If you seek nostalgic TV content, you can find some here - More Movie Content, and some TV
MoviesHD - NO LONGER WORKING - A MUST HAVE! - This gets much content, as well, has a nice interface, and pulls down good quality content.
Movie Madness - Offers a selection of movies that one click play from Google links - hit or miss as links go bad - from optional dandymedia repo
Movie Magic - Offers a selection of movies and links to play them - most links play - from optional dandymedia repo
Movies XK
Much Movies HD - Has movie content - plays well when content works, but has dead content
Nasa - Video of all things NASA
Navi-X - User Updated Video Links to live TV, Movies, and TV shows - Lots of content, all the time - Must Have! - Favorite this in Programs
NBC Sports Live Extra - Access a good amount of live sports free in the USA - A reliable service provided by NBC
New York Times Video - Pretty self explanatory - High Quality stream - Video Highlights from the NFL
NJoy Live TV - This only works with a digital tuner compatible with your computer - There are inexpensive USB TV Tuners - For OTA content
NPR Music Videos
OnAOL - Watch video from AOL's video portal - Organized into a nice user interface
Ororo TV - This has TV show content only - Not the best, but it has content, so good to keep on hand
Oxygen - Content from Oxygen Network, on demand - High quality stream, and video
PBS Think TV - Pull up content from PBS on demand - High Quality stream - If you like anything on PBS this is a good Add-on to have
Phoenix - Lots of good quality content and streams
Pluto.TV - Various video on demand Content
Portico - Video content from various sources, some stream better than others
Project Free TV - MUST HAVE! - much content, and many choices for your stream - If one does not work, or is sluggish, you can choose another
Pro Sport - Great for football, baseball, basketball, and hockey
Revision3 - Plenty of Video Content which is Independent - not conventional TV shows
RichPlanet TV - Video on a wide range of information mainstream media does not cover
Russia Today News - Round the clock News, Documentaries, Talk Shows, Debates, Sports and Culture
Smithsonian Channel - Educational - High Quality stream and video quality from the Smithsonian
Snagfilms - If you are desperate to watch something different - Only the Search wields results, but not what you searched for -Something! Different! - More Movie and TV Content
Specto-...Fork - Lots of good Movie and TV content with high def sources, and Auto-plays well - Requires MrKnow to be added first.
SportsDevil - Used to stream sports
Sports Illustrated - Sports Illustrated Video Indexed for you, and on demand - High Quality stream, and video
Stream All The Sources - This provides one interface to find streams of Movies, and TV from many different sources.Very Good!Beware fakes
NOTE: A FREE Trakt account is required, and adds a feature to Stream All The Sources.  Sign up for free, HERE:
Stream Army - Mixed content, some of which is unconventional - for those who want something different
Sundance TV
Ted Talks - Indexed Ted Talks Videos - Good stream
The Guardian
The Mutts Nuts - Movies with choice of video resolution
The Wall Street Journal - Video of News content from The Wall Street Journal, on demand
The Blaze TV - Original programming, including Nightly News, documentaries, and reality TV, on demand
The Hollywood Reporter - Box Office report is great to get the low down on the latest movies
TheNewBoston - Free online Computer course videos
The Pyramid - Movies and box sets, and other content
The Royal We - A really good Movie and TV add-on which uses your free account
Time - Videos from Time Magazine on demand
TMZ - All TMZ content - stream and video good - indexed and includes Raw & Uncut scenes
ToonJet - Cartoons on demand, and enough content to be worth installing the Add-on List Manager - Manage your Lists, for use with Add-ons utilizing accounts, like SALTS
Trailer Addict - Movie Trailers on demand - See if you want to watch a movie before investing time finding out you're not interested
Travel Channel - Travel Channel shows on demand - High Quality stream and video
TV Ontario - Canadian TV content on demand (NOTE: some is blocked in the US, but much is not)
TV Online 3.0 - Stream TV shows on demand
TWiT - Technology Podcasts - High Quality stream and video
UK Music Jukebox - Music Video's on demand
Underground Wellness - Videos on health related issues, on demand
USTV VoD - Includes content from most Cable Channels on demand - Good stream and video quality - sometimes links go down until update
USTVnow - FREE Plan includes ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS, MY9-Paid includes more. Currently incompatible, waiting for update.
NOTE: There are other better online services including ALL basic and Premium channels for a one time $39 fee.
Veetle - Streams varied content - stream quality is good
Velocity - A good Add-on for movies and TV content
VEVO TV - Rap, Hip Hop, Country / Folk and German Top 40 in English music videos - Stream and video quality good
Victoria's Secret - Videos featuring Victoria's Secret models
videobash - Funny, shocking and mind blowing videos
Viewster - An odd mix of content, when the streams work
Vimeo - Vimeo content delivered to Kodi
WABC - TV shows from ABC network
Watchmojo - See Watchmojo's top 10 of whatever topic you pick. Be sure to activate Show sub categories in Configuration.
WCBS - TV shows from CBS network
WIRED - Watch videos from the tech magazine WIRED
WNBC 4 New York - Content from the NBC TV media network station, organized, and on demand-Excellent streaming and picture quality
World News Live - All the main news stations around the world, organized into one interface and streaming live.
Xmovies8 - NO LONGER FUNCTIONAL - Lots of Movie content on demand - Very Good! Must Have!!!
Yify Movies HD - Movies on demand
YouTube - Your Youtube Account, and all of YouTube content on demand right in Kodi
YouTube on Fire

(Note movie sites, which are the source of content, do go down, and your own ISP may block you from certain URL's - See Troubleshooting section). Look to use other DNS servers in the Troubleshooting section HERE.

Silent Hunter Add-on may be of interest to some, and requires the SilentHunter Repository Zip File found in Optional Kodi Repository Links above

What 5 Video Add-ons Best You Can Get has selected for their Kodi Favorites (Confluence):
Covenant -
This will likely be your most used add-on. It get Movies or TV shows playing fast and easy, and there isn't much it won't get.
Stream All The Sources -
This Addon by the developer of 1Channel, gets EVERYTHING available online!!! A MUST HAVE!!!
Specto-...Fork - Lots of good Movie and TV content with high def sources, and Auto-plays well - Requires MrKnow to be added first.
Elysium - A great add-on for movies and TV shows
Genesis Reborn - lots of good movie and TV options
Also good choices:
M4U - Lots of content accessible through this add-on
1Channel - A good source for new movies and TV shows with the list being updated on a regular basis.
Bob - Lots of Movies, TV - Use this or the Royal We as my current last choice
The Royal We - Uses the account, just like SALTS - with SALTS this may be somewhat redundant - gets movies and TV shows
Velocity -
Also gets a whole lot of content, both movies, and TV shows
With 7 Favorites, we would likely add (BUT NOTE: 7 Favorites is NOT Recommended, as it causes Search interface issues, rendering the Search feature un-usable - You would NOT be able to search for Movies or TV Shows):
The Royal We - No longer viable
Velocity - No longer viable

Possibly: Genesis Reborn, or Movies 4K - Lots of movie content - Seems decent

YouTube - There are movies on YouTube, as well as educational content, and all the user videos people are used to.
NOTE: Add-ons in red no longer exist, or are no longer functional.


Music Add-Ons::
Apple iTunes
iHeartRadio (Requires an account, and account configuration)
Metalvideo (If you like Heavy Metal Music)
Pandora - currently having issues in Krypton
XBMC MP3 addon
Youtube Music

Picture Add-ons:
Facebook Media - This is a Service, but can be added under Pictures
Windows Wallpaper - This could plausibly be used to download backgrounds for Kodi, once the download path is configured in the Add-on.

Program Add-ons:
Ares Wizard  - to be used for its maintenance tool! Clear cache, and old packages...sometimes thumbnails
Community Portal (by noobsandnerds) - Install Add-ons
1Channel Theme Pack
Facebook Media
RSS Editor

NOTE: Program add-ons in red, above, are no longer available. Program add-ons in yellow, above, are not our recommended preference.
TV Add-ons are available for the popular subscription (pay) TV Services, like: PlayON utilizing the Kodi .PlayOn Add-on.
Amazom Fire TV - Add-on Name: Amazon Prime Instant Video
Netflix - Add-on name: NetfliXBMC

NOTE: The content of these pay TV services can be obtained for free, with other add-ons.
PlayOn uses the .Playon Browser Add-On in Kodi.

Although these subscription TV services can be delivered through Kodi, it is not necessary to subscribe to Paid Services in order to get online content. There is plenty of content online which Kodi will deliver to you, without paying anything.
The content you would pay for in these paid services can be had for free, through other Addons!
You will need to search out these Add-ons, but they do very much exist.
If you added the Addons in the list above, you most likely already have the necessary Addons to get any content you want.

A list of ALL Add-ons can be found HERE.

Add-ons utilizing

Elysium - Soon? There is a label for it, in accounts.
Genesis Reborn
The Royal We List Manager
NOTE: has free accounts available, but deserves support. The service is beneficial.


NOTE: There may be more add-ons than listed below, as this list attempts to list those which seem worth having. The list is a work in progress!

Add-ons By Repository:

Ares Project:
Many more...
Blazetamer's Repository:
2 Movies Evolved
PopcornFlix - Non functional at the time of testing
PopcornFlix Kids (Not Tested)
Reddi Tube
Colossal Repository:
iHeart Radio (That's it for this repo, and did not work when tested)
Project Free TV
Axel Downloader (Not Tested)
Elysium repository:
Elysium repository - MRKNOW:
Jesusbox repository:
k3l3vra's repository:
Kinkins REPO:
Video Add-ons:
TVonline 3.0
YouTube on Fire
Program Add-ons:
Universal Parental Control (Not yet tested)
Music Add-ons:
MP3 Streams
Kodi Add-on repository:
AMA Pro Racing
Apple iTunes Podcasts
attac tv
CBSN News Live
Dbmc (Dropbox add-on) - No Dropbox Login in configuration!
DIY Network
Engineering TV
Esquire TV
EyeTV parser
Films For Action
FOCUS Online
Food Network
Fox News
Geek Sundry
Hardware.Info TV
i24 News
Jupiter Broadcasting
New York Times Video
Njoy Live TV
NPR Music Videos
On Aol
Richplanet TV
Russia Today News
Smithsonian Channel
South Park
Sports Illustrated
Sundance TV
Super Favorites
TED Talks
The Wall Street Journal Live
TheBlaze TV
Trailer Addict
Travel Channel
TV Ontario
UK Music Video Jukebox
WNBC Programs
Zattoo box is NOT available in USA yet!
lambda Add-on Repository:
Video Add-ons:
Extreme Sports (Not Tested)
Football Today (Not Tested)
Much Movies HD
Ororo TV
Yify Movies HD
MetalKettles Addon Repository:
Video Add-ons:
Movies HD
MoviesHD Addon Repository:
Movies HD
Mucky Ducks Repo:
Podgod Addon Repository:
Video Addons:

Rodrigo's Repository:
Video Add-ons:
XBMC Karaoke addon
Music Add-ons:
XBMC MP3 addon
SuperRepo All [krypton]:
Video Add-ons:

2 Movies Evolved
Amazon Prime Instant Video (Plug-in for Paid Service)
Canada On Demand
Entertainment HUB
High Tech Corvette
IMDb Trailers
Kids WB
Kids WB - DC Nation
Los Movies
Movie 25
Much Movies HD
NetflixXBMC (Plug-in for paid service)
Ororo TV
Phoenix (The site which supplies it is down, could not test)
Project Free TV
Stream All The Sources
Super Cartoons (Not Tested)
TVonline 3.0
Underground Wellness
Music Add-ons:
MP3 Streams
Vevo TV
WDR Rockpalast
XBMC Karaoke addon
XBMC MP3 addon
Program Add-ons:
1Channel theme Pack
Addon Installer
Advanced Launcher - Works but I don't yet understand it
Axel Downloader
Chrome Launcher
Config Wizard
FreeRoms Downloader
Fresh Start
FTV Guide (Not Tested)
IP Cam Seems to work, but no cam to test it on.
Maintenance Tool - Clear Cache, and Purge are good!
Notifications EPG - Works as guide to channels I don't have, and the channels it does don't play.
TR Total Installer
TV Promos - Failure to Launch! No Good!
Universal Parental Control (Not Tested)
USTV VoD Library Auto Update
XBMC WebBrowser - Non Functional
SuperRepo Video [krypton]:
The_Silencer's REPO:
Video Add-ons:
Los Movies
TheYid's REPO:
Video Add-ons:
Adult's Only HUB
Entertainment HUB
tknorris Release Repository:
Video Add-ons:
Stream All The Sources - A good one!


Step 4 - Configure Add-ons

Some Add-ons work straight away, and some need (or at least you will want) configuration, which may even involve setting up a FREE (or paid) online account, before they will function. These settings are located in the Add-ons Configuration Settings.
Right Clicking on an add-on after you have added it, will give you a menu in which you may access the add-ons settings.
It is also more efficient to set up your Library, and Download Folders while you are at it.


FREE accounts to get and add their log-ins and / or API keys to SALTS and / or others

Niter - is now - update URL
Create the FREE account, then add their log-ins to your add-ons Scraper Settings to get more results / sources.
Don't forget to add your Customer ID and Pin to the URL Resolver
System Settings >> Addons >> Manage dependencies >> URL Resolver >> Configure >> URL Resolvers >>


Create your Library Folders for TVShows, and Movies:

Using Windows Explorer (Your computers file manager):
In the

C:\Users\(Your Name)\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\library     (Folder)

Add a TVShows Folder, and a Movies Folder.

NOTE: For MAC, Linux, or OpenELEC: see the bottom of this section for library folder locations.

Set up a Download Folder for your Add-ons to download Content into:
Use your File Manager (Windows Explorer) to brows to a location on your Hard Drive, and Right Click.
From the Right Click Menu, Select New >> Folder
Name the Folder Something Appropriate, such as Kodi Downloads (For this guide we will name our folder Kodi Downloads).
In each Add-on in which configuration settings are available to designate a Download Folder, Click its setting, and browse for the Kodi Downloads Folder you created. Whenever you select to download content using the configured Add-on, you will be able to find the files in this folder when the download is complete.

Next use the chart below to quickly find add-ons with Account Settings, settings for your Library Folders (Movies and TVShows), as well as Download folder settings.
Also, Follow the links in the right side chart, to FREE Accounts to register for, so you can use the sign information in your Add-on Configuration:
NOTE: Read the "Step 5" Section below for more details on Libraries to display Recently added Movies or TV Show Episodes (Especially useful for Displaying newly available episodes of your favorite TV Shows - You'll know when the latest new episode is available).

Add-ons with Account Settings, or Download Folder Options

Video Add-ons
Add-on Name Account Settings Download Folder Settings Library Settings
1Channel Optional No Yes
2 Movies Evolved Yes Yes No
Cliq! No Yes No
Dailymotion Yes Yes No
FilmOn Yes No No Yes No No
Flixanity Yes No No
Genesis Yes Yes Yes
Icefilms Yes Yes No
Info Wars No No Yes
Kids WB No Yes No
Kids WB - DC Nation No Yes No
Much Movies HD No Yes Yes
Ororo TV No Yes Yes
Phoenix Yes Yes No
Pluto.TV Yes No No
Revision3 No Yes No No Yes No
Stream All The Sources No No Yes
TestTube No Yes No
The Mutts Nuts No No Yes
Trailer Addict No Yes No
TVonline 3.0 Yes No ?
TWiT - IRC Chat account Yes IRC No No
USTV VOD - CBS may be PAID Yes No No
USTV Now Yes No No
VideoDevil -Save Video enabled No Yes No
Vimeo Yes No No
Yify No Yes Yes

Audio Add-ons

Add-on Name Account Settings Download Folder Settings
Digitally Imported Yes-Premium No
iHeart Radio Yes No
MP3 Streams No ?
Pandora Yes No
RadioTunes Yes-Premium No
Ram FM No ? Yes-Premium No
Sound Cloud Yes No

Picture Add-ons

Add-on Name Account Settings Download Folder Settings
flickr Yes No
Google No Yes
iPhoto iPhoto Path No
Picasa Yes No
Windows Wallpaper No Yes

Video Account Links

Direct Download TV
Note: The Trakt account for the SALTS add-on is the only one really needed, most others don't get you much.
An account for Alluc allows you to use the (formerly api for the SALTS scraper. Alluc provides many sources.
See instructions BELOW!
A free Ororo account allows you to get Ororo sources, which are usually good.
A free Simply-Debrid account is useful for providing links at the top of the source list (when sorted) which are more likely to Auto-Play.

Audio Accounts

GrooveShark - New
Note: These Audio Services REQUIRE an account.

Set up a Download Folder for your Add-ons to download Content into:
Use your File Manager (Windows Explorer) to brows to a location on your Hard Drive, and Right Click.
From the Right Click Menu, Select New >> Folder
Name the Folder Something Appropriate, such as Kodi Downloads (For this guide we will name our folder Kodi Downloads).
In each Add-on in which configuration settings are available to designate a Download Folder, Click its setting, and browse for the Kodi Downloads Folder you created. Whenever you select to download content using the configured Add-on, you will be able to find the files in this folder when the download is complete.


Library Folder Locations for Mac and Linux:

Linux:  ~/.kodi/userdata/library

Mac:  /Users/your-user-name/Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/library

NOTE: The Userdata folder and logs are hidden on Mac:
By default, Mac OS X 10.7 hides the user's Library folder, which is where Kodi's userdata folder and logs are stored.
There are a few ways to get around this:
-While in the Finder, click on the "Go" menu and hold down Option, then select Library.
-You can use programs such as TinkerTool to change the visibility of all or some hidden files/folders.
-To permanently reveal the ~/Library folder, open up Terminal and run this command:
chflags nohidden ~/Library
Note: Anytime there is an OS X update (e.g. from version 10.7.3 to 10.7.4) you will have to run this command again as the
folder will be hidden again.

OpenELEC:   /storage/.kodi/userdata/library


Use Trakt Bookmarks in SALTS:
This feature updates the your Trakt account with the time location in a show or movie, and allows you to stop a show or movie on one device, and Resume from that same time on another device. For example if you watch a show or movie in the living room, and wish to stop it, and continue watching in the bedroom, this feature allows you to resume right where you left off, on the other Kodi device.

Step 5 - Display Recently Added (TV) Episodes, and Recently Added Movies - Libraries

Follow THIS GUIDE for Kodi on a Windows machine, with one modification...see below!
Instead of having Library content in many separate libraries (One for each Add-on / plug-in, as the Guide shows you) which makes modifying the library later on much more difficult, as you would have to track down the Add-on folder with the library content you wish to modify or remove.

Using Windows Explorer (Your computers file manager):
In the

C:\Users\(Your Name)\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\library     (Folder)

Add a TVShows Folder, and a Movies Folder.

Next in each Kodi Add-on / plug-in with settings for TVShows Folder, and Movies Folder, associate the TVShows and Movies folders settings of the individual plug-in / Add-ons, to the new Library Folders for TVShows and Movies respectively:
Change ALL the Plug-ins / Add-ons library configuration settings, for TVShows to the TVShows Folder you made in "Home\userdata\libraries", by Browsing each Add-ons "Library" settings for the TVShows Folder to:      Home\userdata\ library\TVShows . Then Click OK to select.
Also change ALL the Plug-ins / Add-ons library configuration settings, for Movies  to the Movies Folder you made in "Home\userdata\libraries", by Browsing each Add-ons "Library" settings for its Movies Folder to the Home\userdata\ library\Movies  Folder. Then, Click OK.
This makes one ALL inclusive user library for Movies and one for TVShows, which is more easily modified / maintained, as you wont need to hunt for the specific individual Add-on / plug-in, in which the show or movie was originally saved, in order to delete shows, after (for example) their season ends.
After the Libraries are set up continue, by adding content to the library via one of the plug-ins you set up to use your new TVShows, and Movies Folders, by selecting a show, and saving it to the library. Save at least one TV Show, and at least one Movie to your new library set-up.

Plug-ins with known suitable Movies and / or
TVShows Library configuration Settings:

Much Movies HD
Ororo TV
Stream All The Sources
The Mutts Nuts

*In Alphabetical Order*

Once at least one TV show is saved to the library (after it has been set to use your folders, per the above procedure),
from the Kodi Home screen, go to:
Video >> Files >> Add Videos... >> Browse >> Home Folder >> userdata >> library >> TVShows >> OK >> Select TV Shows >> OK

Duplicate the process for Movies.
Once at least one Movie is saved to the library (after it has been set to use your folders, per the above procedure),
from the Kodi Home screen, go to:
Video >> Files >> Add Videos... >> Browse >> Home Folder >> userdata >> library >> Movies >> OK >> Select Movies >> OK

Make sure in System Settings to enable: Show Recently Added Videos
From the Home Screen:
Settings >> Appearance >> Skin >> - Settings >> Home Window Options >> Show Recently Added Videos

When done you should notice these items displayed on the Kodi Home Screen, and when you hover over them, you should see show Art for each of the most recent episodes or recently added movies.

Scrolling beyond what is displayed requires use of the keyboard right or left cursor keys.

Library or Subscription?
Library - Adding Movies and TV shows to the Library, will only add that specific movie or show episodes, at that time they are added, but wont update future episodes as they air.
Subscribing to a show will update episodes as they air. To  do this:
Specify a subscription list at Trakt (For example: I created a "TV Shows" List for subscription purposes)
Here is a set up guide to help you set up Subscriptions
Doing this will update the recent episodes for the show, every time episodes air, as the subscription updates.
NOTE: Using Subscriptions requires a Trakt account, in order to create the Show list.

Movies Section and Library

If you wish to populate your Movies section in Kodi with a huge collection of movies which work from just one click, and can be easily browsed by categories, such as Title, Actor, Genre, Year, Director, etc (especially  nice in Estuary which became the default skin in Kodi 17), then try the following:

From the Home Screen:

Click: Settings (The gear Icon) >> Media Settings >> (From Library, in the left column) Videos >> Add Videos...

Add the URL's in the table below, with the recommended settings, and name them.
Film 1 through 4 are suggested names, and URL's and Names may be copied and pasted.

After adding the URL, and naming it, once you click OK, you need to define what you added, in the Set Content window,
and how it will be acted upon, in the future.

All of the URL's in the table just below, are Movies! Therefore in the Set content window, select the following:

This Directory Contains:  Movies

Choose information provider: The Movie Database

Movie Library URL Movies in separate folders
that match the movie title
Scan Recursively Exclude from
Library Updates
Label Off On On-updates too slow Film1
NOTE: Allow all content from each URL, to be scanned into Kodi. It will only create a database of the content, it will NOT download any content. Be aware, that it takes a long time to complete each scan, initially, when setting this up (about an hour per URL, give or take).
Scanning goes reasonably fast, when the files from these URL's are all in one directory.
You may wish to excluded remote sites from Library Updates, as they would take much too long to update, every time Kodi is loaded.
When the content is in a complex folder structure, navigating to all those directories, is slowed too much by server response time.
They can be manually updated from time to time.
Sites no longer hosting movie files
Movie Library URL

NOTE: If you already have these added in your system, you will want to remove them. They were removed for DMCA violations.


Step 6 - Add IPTV PVR Channels

To Set up LiveTV go to System Settings >> Add-ons
Make sure PVR IPTV Simple Client is DISABLED!!!
Then go to System Settings >> LiveTV >> General >> Enable >> OK
Scroll down to PVR IPTV Simple Client, and Enable it.
Once enabled, go into Configuration, and Click M3U Playlist URL
Add the URL of an IPTV Channel List, such as:
(NOTE: We have found this list out of date, with mostly dead links, which never seem to get updated)

If you use Best You Can Get Channels, then add the URL of the IPTV Channel Logos:

After adding the URL you will need to restart / reboot the Add-on.
To do this disable the Add-on, and then after it is fully shut down, re-enable it.
It should then load the channels from the channel list associated with the URL you provided.
NOTE: Streaming IPTV channels streams go dead frequently, and the channel list constantly needs to be updated, to remove dead channels, and add new live ones.

If you did everything correctly, you should notice TV to the left of Movies on the Home Screen.
Clicking TV, will access your new channels.

Interface Tweaks

Background - Pre-Kodi 17:
If you ran the Fusion Configuration Wizard, you will notice the Background has changed. If you want the original Kodi Background back, or one of your own, then this is where you may configure it:

System >> Settings >> Appearance >> -Settings >> Background Options >> Background >> (Simply click Enable Custom Background, to disable it)

Click Background Path while it is Enabled, in order to browse for a different Background, if you want something all together different.

Weather Kodi 17 on:

Yahoo Weather:

Add and configure a Weather Service - Yahoo Weather is currently the service of choice.
Note: For some reason Yahoo Weather stopped working. We hope it will be restored. In the mean time, try OpenWeatherMap Extended.

System >> Service Settings >> Weather >> Service For Weather Information >> Get More >> Yahoo

System >> Service Settings >> Weather >> Service For Weather Information >> Select Yahoo

System >> Service Settings >> Weather >> Service For Weather Information >> - Settings >> Add locations by typing the ZIP Code

To Get the current Weather to display in the top left corner of Kodi, do the following:

System >> Interface Settings >> Skin >> -Configure Skin... >> General >> Show weather info in top bar

OpenWeatherMap Extended - our preferred weather service:

Add and configure a Weather Service - OpenWeatherMap Extended:

System >> Service Settings >> Weather >> Service For Weather Information >> Get More >> OpenWeatherMap Extended

System >> Service Settings >> Weather >> Service For Weather Information >> Select OpenWeatherMap Extended

Go to the City List, and get the code for your city.
Hint: Try using the "Ctrl F" (Control F) find feature in your web browser, and type the name of your city, to quickly find your code.

System >> Settings >> Weather >> Service For Weather Information >> - Settings >> Expert >>Location x ID (where x is the location number)

Enter the code from the City list, for the city you wish to add.

When you are done adding your location(s), Click OK.

Enable Kodi Features (Eye candy): (Don't hide things, show them!)

System >> Settings >> Appearance >> - Settings >> Home Window Options >> Home Screen Options >> (Turn ALL SHOW options ON)

System >> Settings >> Appearance >> - Settings >> Home Window Options >> Hide Menu Buttons >> (Turn ALL HIDE options OFF)

This Will provide a weather display in the top left corner of the Kodi interface, on the Home Window, opposite the clock, as well as display Recently Added Movies when you mouse over Video

Customize Shortcuts Pre-Kodi 17:
System >> Settings >> Appearance >> - Settings >> Add-On Shortcuts  >> (Click each Shortcut slot to select the shortcuts you would like to be displayed below the selection bar, for quicker access to them)

Customize Kodi's Background image (Wallpaper) before KODI 17 Estuary theme:
To add background image options, use Windows Explorer (your file manager), and copy the images you want to try into the
C:\Users\(Your Name)\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\media   Folder.

Then, In Kodi in Settings >> Appearance >> - Settings >> Enable Custom Background Image
Then click the setting just below it - Background Path, and browse the media folder for the image you want...

You can always get the default back, by simply disabling the Enable Custom Background Image setting...

You want large enough images to not become pixilated when displayed at 1080p,
Preferably sharp high definition images make an impact...
Since the font is white, darker colors provide more contrast, and readability.


Get Kodi related RSS News Feeds:
From KODI 17 Estuary theme, on: System >> Interface Settings >> Other >> Show RSS news feeds (turn on)

Kodi RSS Feed Links



Default Views for Add-ons when using the Confluence Theme: (A work in progress - Confluence skin)
  50 - List - Default View - Plausible Choice for Season View
500 - Thumbnails - Actors/Directors/Cast View
501 - Thumbnails
502 - List - Recommended Setting for Season View
503 - Media Info 2
504 - Media Info - Recommended Setting for Episodes View
505 - List but Sometimes Wide
506 - List
515 - Media Info 3 - Recommended Setting for Movies View and TV Shows View
Recommended Default View Settings
Setting For Number Mode
Movies 515 Media Info 3
TV Shows 515 Media Info 3
Season View 502 List
Episode View 504 Media Info
These settings for Confluence skin, NOT Estuary

NOTE: Not ALL Add-ons have default View Settings

Add-ons with known Default View Settings

2Movies Evolved
Hallmark Channel
Movies HD
Project Free TV
SALTS - Stream All The Sources
The Royal We

*In Alphabetical Order*

Add Subtitles on demand to Kodi's player, NOT a specific add-on:
This takes advantage of and its Kodi Add-on.
Download this file:
You will also need a FREE account.
In Kodi you want to install from zip, and browse to the folder on your computer with the file.
Install the opensubtitles add-on.
Goto the website by clicking this link.
Register for a free account on
Open the settings in the add-on, and add your username and password.

From the Home screen select: Settings >> Player Settings >> Language

In Language, set ALL language settings to your desired language,  for example English
In the subtitles section click on Default TV show service and select the add-on
In the subtitles section click on Default movie service and select the add-on

To use subtitles for a movie or TV show, click the subtitles option in Kodi's player, the movie or show will pause until the subtitles are downloaded. Then click Download in the window that pops up. Select OpenSubtitles, and pick the most appropriate subtitle from the list that will be displayed. Within a second or 2 the subtitles will be downloaded, and the movie or show will resume playing, with the subtitles displayed.

More tweaks for SALTS - Stream All The Sources Add-on:
In SALTS Configuration Settings:
General Tab
Mute Notifications - Selecting this will silence the audio portion of every notification. The audio gets annoying after a short time.
My Collection Sort Order - Title
Show air time on calendars - 12 Hour
Source Management Tab
Filter Out Unusable Sources - No use listing unusable sources for you to click on, only to fail.
Source Sorting Tab - Without utilizing Debrid
1st Sort Key - Quality
1st Sort Key Order - Best to Worst
2nd Sort Key - Rating
2nd Sort Key Order - Best to Worst
3rd Sort Key - Views
3rd Sort Key Order - Best to Worst
4th Sort Key - Source
4th Sort Key Order - Best to Worst
5th Sort Key - Direct
5th Sort Key Order - Best to Worst

Note: Use the cursor left and right keys to scroll through the tabs at the top of the settings, beyond what is initially displayed.
If you use Auto-Play to automatically find a playable source, from the scraped sources, starting from the top of the list, and working its way down.

You may wish to utilize a free Simply Debrid account from
Then add the log-in to the Simply-Debrid URL Resolver in:
SALTS >> Settings >> URL Resolver Settings >> Universal Resolvers
NOTE: Form my experience, the other Debrid accounts don't seem to provide good usable results, in this application, for free.

Make this tweak to the Source Sorting Tab
Source Sorting Tab
- Utilizing Debrid - OUR PREFERENCE as we use Simply Debrid for free, and find it good.
1st Sort Key - Quality
1st Sort Key Order - Best to Worst
2nd Sort Key - Rating
2nd Sort Key Order - Best to Worst
3rd Sort Key - Views
3rd Sort Key Order - Best to Worst
4th Sort Key - Debrid
4th Sort Key Order - Best to Worst
5th Sort Key - Source
5th Sort Key Order - Best to Worst
6th Sort Key - Direct
6th Sort Key Order - Best to Worst

Scraper Sort Order:
Move your best scrapers to the top of the list, in the Scraper Sort Order (AKA Source in the Resolver sorting section, above).
In SALTS:  Settings >> Scraper Sort Order
Use the Right click menu options to rearrange the Scraper order (Move Up, Move Down, Move To...) (Select a line number for Move To...).
My top 2 are PrimeWire, and Over time you will get a feel for what scrapers work best for you, and what order to put them in.
Different scrapers may produce better streaming sources, depending on your location, so your list may be different than mine.
When you find scrapers providing lots of good playing links, move them to the top, especially if you use Auto-play.
When you sort by Source,  Best to Worst, in the settings above, the results will order the scrapers results from the top down, by this list.
So, put the best at the top, in the order you desire, and / or move the worst to the bottom.

Exclusion List:
Remove the ALWAYS BAD streaming file sources links from your list, and especially the ones that fake out Auto-play, and then fail.
Add-on Settings >> Source Management Tab >> Source Exclusion List
The list is separated by commas, and the list items match the streaming file source displayed in the scraped list results, verbatim.
I have the following string of bad sources (separated by commas) in my Exclusion list, in SALTS:

Our SALTS Exclusion List v1 - minimal (to copy and paste)

Our SALTS Exclusion List v2 - more aggressive (to copy and paste) Recommended

Exclusion Lists may be copied and pasted, using keyboard shortcut keys.
Click inside the Exclusion List area you wish to copy (v1 or v2), then:
Hold ctrl and A to select all.
Hold ctrl and press C to Copy.
Hold ctrl and press V to Paste inside the exclusion list box in SALTS.


Auto-Play should be successful much more often, and reasonably usable, after the tweaks above.
When you select Auto-Play, from the Right Click menu, SALTS scrapes for sources, then tries sources, from the top of the list, down, until it gets one that plays.

Source Selection Method:
Optionally, you may wish to select the Source Selection Method of your liking:
Settings >> Add-on Settings >> Source Management Tab >> Source Selection Method

Source Selection Method

Dialog Sources are scraped for every attempt at finding a good playable link
Directory Sources are scraped once, and the list remains, until you find a good playable source or exit the list
NOTE: Directory is recommended!





Scraper timeouts and  / or few results when scraping:
Getting Scraper Time Outs, with not so many results, and more results, with fewer scraper timeouts, when scraping a second time?

This may also "suddenly" begin to happen after updating to newer Antivirus versions, as they now scan ALL your web traffic, including Kodi, which slows down web communications. You may not notice it, but the scrapers do!
The solution is not to disable the antivirus and leave yourself vulnerable. The answer is to increase the scraper timeout setting.
Procedure: Observe the number of scrapers timing out, as well as the number of results from scraping, for a particular show or movie.
Then scrape the same show or movie, again.
Once again observe the number of scrapers timing out, and the number of results.
Results from the first scrape operation are still cached, and it will pick up anything the additional scrape time, allows it to.
If there are significantly less scrapers timing out, and much greater scraper results the second time, you need to increase the scraper timeout!
You will also need a different show or movie each time you test the scraper settings, by scraping  a show or movie twice and observing the scraper time outs, and number of results, as the  show or movie you already tested for that , is now already cached.
This procedure works even better with an older show or movie, which is less popular, as those search results will be less likely to be cached in the search results, of the servers you are scraping (a more difficult test).
The default 20 seconds may end up becoming more like a minute, to really get extremely reliable results, on hard to find old shows or movies.
You may want to play the high low game to tweak it, to be enough to be extremely reliable, with the least, to no scraper timeouts, and the most results possible. Try going up in  increments, of say 10 seconds, and test the results.
Repeat this until increasing the timeout makes no real improvement, anymore.
Then drop it back down 5 seconds, and see if it is still good. If it is, you made the scraping process a little quicker.
If it isn't you need to bump it back up.
With a bit of testing and tweaking, you can get the best results, with the fewest scraper timeouts, and the most realistic number of results.
Keep in mind, that not all scrapers will be good, all the time, even with the best timeout settings, but you should not have many failing all the time, and / or few results, all the time.
Not sure if you need to tweak your settings? Just scrape twice, and observe the scraper time outs, and number of results.
If you get less to no scraper timeouts, and many more results the second time scraping the same show or movie, you need to tweak your scraper timeout settings.


Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts



Toggle Pause - Play - Quickly pause or play whatever you’re watching. Press: Space Bar
Volume Up or Volume Down Press: + (turn volume up) or (turn volume down)
Audio Delay Control - Allows you to adjust the audio delay. Press: A
Toggle Subtitles - Must have subtitles enabled in Kodi configuration. Press: T
Play Press: P
Stop - Stop playback. Press: X
Fast Forward - Press once to fast forward at 2x, twice for 4x speed, etcetera. Press: F
Fast Forward in 30 Second intervals Press:
Rewind - Press once to rewind at 2x, twice for 4x speed, etcetera. Press: R
Rewind in 30 Second intervals Press:
Return to Previous Menu or Home Screen Press: Esc
Switch Between Full Screen and Windowed Mode Press: \
Screen capture - When used, a window will open asking where to save the screen image. Hold: Ctrl and Press S - Pre-Kodi 17
Copy Screen image to clipboard - Once on the clipboard paste into an image editing program Press: Prt Sc - Pre-Kodi 17
Shut Down Menu - Opens the Kodi shut down menu. Press: S
Zoom - Aspect Ratio - Adjust the aspect ratio. It will change with each press. Press: Z

Other handy Shortcuts to use with Kodi

Desktop - Switch from viewing Kodi to viewing your computers desktop Hold: Windows Key and Press D
View a different open window - switch the focus from Kodi to another open window Hold: Alt and Press Tab


SALTS scraper URL's that need to be updated

Scraper Name Scrapers number Original URL New URL
CouchTunerV1 Scrapers1
Dizigold Scrapers1
Mehliz Scrapers2
MovieHubs Scrapers2
xmovies8 Scrapers5
In the SALTS add-on, click Settings.
Click Add-on Settings.
Scroll down to Scrapers1 through Scrapers5, depending on where the link you need to update is.
Update the Base URL, for each scraper that needs its URL updated.
When all scraper URL's are updated, click OK to save your changes.


SALTS Scraper Python file fixes, with required URL updates

Scraper Name Scrapers number Original URL New URL Fix Package Scrapers1
SeriesOnline Scrapers4
NOTE: This file provides a zip file package, with the files needed to repair the SALTS Scraper python files, for individual scrapers, as well as the updated Base URL, in the table above, to copy and paste into SALTS Settings, for those scrapers.
It also displays the new Base URLs immediately after repairing these specific scrapers, before returning to the main menu.
The Base URL for the scrapers being fixed / updated must be updated in SALTS Settings, to the "New URL", provided directly above.
NOTE: As this section adds more scrapers, be sure to download the latest file, as it will be updated, as well.


SALTS Scrapers for sites gone, suspended, or still not working - Disable

Scraper Name Scrapers number URL Notes / Replacement URL?
DDLSeries Scrapers1 Suspended / gone
Furk Scrapers1 gone
Noobroom Scrapers2 gone
Putlocker Scrapers3 Search format changed & not working
SceneHDTV Scrapers4 gone
Sit2play Scrapers4 Impossible to register for account
WatchOnline Scrapers5 Search format changed & not working requires a log-in, in order to function, and not produce errors, in the error log, or time out.
In order to resolve this, go to and create a FREE account.
You will need the Customer ID and PIN gives you.
SALTS ask for a Username and password, in its settings, but what needs is the Customer ID, where the addon asks for username, and the PIN where the addon asks for Password. Getting this right, will make all the difference.


BEWARE - MovieNight ( ) attempts to load a Virus on your computer!
Recommended: Change the URL to use this scraper on a safe site, or disable this scraper.
A suitable replacement URL, with the same search format, is:

Use Your Smart Phone as a Remote for Kodi

There are Smartphone App's for Kodi, which can be used as a remote control for Kodi.
NOTE: Kodi used to be known as XBMC. Kodi is its new name.
This is why the remotes are XBMC Remote Control Apps.

Setting up your Android device as a Kodi Remote:
Get the FREE Official Android APP for FREE HERE or HERE

Setting up your Apple device as a Kodi Remote:
How To Remote Controll Kodi via iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch and Get the Official App for FREE HERE

Setting up your Windows device as a Kodi Remote:
Get the FREE Windows Phone APP HERE

The system Kodi is working on:
Mac OS X needs no additional set-up.
Windows users will need to install Bonjour (if you have iTunes installed then you will already have Bonjour)
Network Settings: Be sure that your router allows multicast traffic.

Setting Up Kodi to be remote controlled:
Video Showing how to set up Kodi for Remote Access

Updating Kodi

Updating the latest versions of Kodi is as straight forward as updating most any other software.
You can install the newest stable release over the old one, without it (for the most part) effecting your add-ons, configuration, and settings.
It should be noted that SuperREPO ALL is Kodi version specific. Example: frodo, gotham, helix, isengard, jarvis, krypton
What this means for someone updating Kodi, is that after updating Kodi, in Kodi you need to go to:

Settings >> Add-ons >> Install from zip fIle >> SuperRepo >> (Your Kodi Version) >> all >>

where x.x.xx is the number of the latest revision level.

Add the SuperRepo all which corresponds to your new version of Kodi.
You will probably notice add-ons update when you do.

But wait, you're not don just yet!
You now need to remove the older version you have installed.
To do this, in Kodi, go to:

Settings >> Add-ons >> Install from repository

Scroll down to SuperRepo All [The OLD Kodi Version] and RIGHT click on it.
Select Add-on information and when it opens Click Uninstall.

If you are using PVR IPTV Simple Client, you may have to go to:

My add-ons >> PVR clients >> PVR IPTV Simple Client

Click on PVR IPTV Simple Client, and then Click Enable
You may or may not then need to restart Kodi before IPTV will work again.


You may or may not experience from one, to all of these issues. If you do, here are the simple solutions you will need.

Constant Error box in bottom Right Corner - Disable the Twitter Add-on. The Twitter Add-on is having issues, and must be disabled in order to remove the error pop-up at the bottom right corner of Kodi, which otherwise will NEVER go away.

Not able to connect to movie sites - Get around your Internet Provider blocking you

Not able to connect to a movie site through an Add-on(s), such as 1Channel and its (or other movie domain name):
Comcast (and possibly others, such as OpenDNS occasionally) will block your access to web based Movies and TV sites (The sources of media content), eventually, if not right away, though their DNS Servers. This is much the same way internet parental controls work.
They might claim they cater to the media industry, in order to stop pirating, or block malicious content.
If that forces you to buy their TV packages, instead, that is merely a coincidence.
To get around this simply use different / other DNS Servers, than the ones Comcast gives you through automatic (DHCP) configuration.
There is a list of appropriate DNS servers below, to try.
You may also check out these other Free and dependable DNS Servers, like Google. Here is a list of DNS Servers.
Watch for, and exclude filtered or redirecting DNS servers, as they cause issues with Kodi Add-ons.
To use these DNS servers, you need to access your network adapter settings, either Wired or Wireless (Wi-Fi), whichever you use to connect to the internet.
Open the adapter Properties for your connection, and look for IPv4. Double Click on IPv4 Settings, and select Properties.
On the bottom half of the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties Window, Click "Use the following DNS server addresses".
The procedure is the same for IPv6 addresses, only add IPv6 addresses to Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) settings.
When done, Click OK, and close all the windows which were opened to get there.
This should get your Add-ons connecting to the movie sites, as well as getting better scraper results.

NOTE: You can benchmark many DNS Servers, to see which ones are the fastest, from your location, using This Free DNS Server Benchmarking Tool, if you want to make your internet connection more responsive than it ever was.
Avoid results in Orange which redirect to advertising pages, when results are not found, instead of defaulting to the next DNS Server for results.
You may use one of the following settings (which are also most likely faster than Comcast) :

To use Google IPv4 DNS Servers:
In the Preferred DNS Server box Type:
In the Alternate DNS Server box Type:

Google DNS Servers are typically very reliable, access what you want, and are reasonably fast, as well as being from a trusted source.
Google is also very secure, implementing the latest security features.

DNS Servers to try, if you don't use the benchmark tool.

DNS Servers
DNS Servers
2001:418:3ff::53 NTT America Cloud DNS 2001:428::1 Quest - Centurylink 2001:428::2 2001:470:20::2 Hurricane Electric - OrDNS 2610:a1:1018::5 DNS Advantage
NOTE: & Redirect if DNS is not resolved - This is especially not good for Kodi media center 2610:a1:1019::5 2001:4860:4860::8888 Google DNS 2001:4860:4860::8844 2001:1608:10:25::1c04:b12f DNS Watch 2001:1608:10:25::9249:d69b   OpenNIC Project - Page will suggest servers   MCI Communications - DialCache060
  FreeDNS 2001:67c:28a4:: - German Censor free DNS 2002:d596:2a92:1:71:53:: 2a02:6b8::feed:0ff Yandix (Russian Servers) - No filters 2a02:6b8:0:1::feed:0ff

NOTE: DNS Servers highlighted in yellow are European and will likely be faster in Europe,
but slower in the USA. IPv6 DNS servers are organized to correspond to their IPv4 counterparts.
When using the benchmarking tool, one may assume that the internet network speed to the corresponding IPv6 DNS server, will be comparable to its IPv4 counterpart, when arranging the order of ones DNS server list. Other highlights are simply to make reading this chart easier.

DNS Servers
DNS Servers

Owner 2620:0:ccc::2

Open DNS

OpenDNS IPv4 link and OpenDNS IPv6 link 2620:0:ccd::2
ONLY use OpenDNS servers at the very bottom of your DNS server  list with Kodi!
OpenDNS occasionally redirects, which is bad for Kodi!

OpenDNS at the bottom of your DNS Server List ONLY (when using Kodi), as OpenDNS may occasionally redirect domains it thinks might contain malicious content, to a warning page for your protection, you may add OpenDNS, as they resolve what they don't redirect very well, are reasonably fast, and a trust worthy secure source for DNS resolution.

To use OpenDNS IPv4 DNS Servers (use OpenDNS only at the bottom of your DNS server list. It occasionally redirects):
In the Preferred DNS Server box Type:
In the Alternate DNS Server box Type:

NOTE: OpenDNS may filter some of the sites which various add-ons utilize, and redirect them to a web page, warning about them.
This redirect is meant for a web browser, and may cause the Kodi add-on to generate errors, and fail to function.
This is NOT a bad add-on! It is the result of the add-on being directed away from the target site, to a different page by a DNS server.

Be aware that OpenDNS's DNS Servers are NOT the only public DNS servers to redirect failed or filtered look-ups to an alternate web page.
Redirecting failed or filtered DNS look-ups to a web page containing advertising is a common way to generate profits.
Level 3 Communications DNS Servers are one example of a redirecting public DNS Server.
If you use the Free DNS Benchmarking tool recommended above, you will notice their name and icon in orange.
Orange indicates a redirecting DNS Server. Don't use servers in orange.
Red indicates a completely unresponsive (Dead) server. Don't use servers in red.
DNS Server Speed will be organized in the results from top to bottom, fastest to slowest respectively.
Look at the Tabular data results after running the benchmark. (Still organized fastest to slowest).
Look for the fastest DNS Servers, which are consistently reliable on all 3 tests when running the benchmark more than once.

NOTE: you may mix match DNS Servers like Google's in your DNS Settings, and (for advanced users) in advanced DNS settings one may add more than 2 DNS Servers. I have 11 DNS servers in my list, which I benchmarked for speed, and reliability, and checked to insure no redirects.
Hint: Try both Sets of settings to see which one seems more responsive, from your location, if you did not benchmark to find the fastest 100% reliable at least 2 Servers.

Here are many resolver and scraper domains, to test your DNS Server IP addresses against, in order to insure they work with your Add-ons.

IPv6 DNS Severs:

Google IPv6 DNS Servers:

DNS Advantage (UltraDNS) IPv6 DNS Servers:

Redirecting - Not good for Kodi Use!




Hurricane Electric IPv6 DNS Server:

DNS Watch (Accelorated-IT) IPv6 DNS Servers:

Quest - Centurylink

NTT America IPv6 DNS Server:
2001:418:3ff::53 - German Censor free DNS Servers (optional):

Yandix DNS Servers (Russian Servers - optional) - No Filtering:

OpenDNS IPv6 DNS Servers (Use last in list-may block some content):


My personal, current working IPv6 DNS Server list, as a reference for others, sorted fastest to slowest.
Benchmarked against IPv4 DNS, via benchmarking tool, and assuming IPv6 address counterpart of the same server will be comparable:

Provider IPv6 Address
NTT America 2001:418:3ff::53
Hurricane Electric 2001:470:20::2
DNS Advantage (UltraDNS) 2610:a1:1018::5
Quest - Centurylink 2001:428::1
Google DNS 2001:4860:4860::8888
DNS Watch (Accelorated-IT) 2001:1608:10:25::1c04:b12f
OpenDNS 2620:0:ccc::2
NOTE: I did not use the German or Russian DNS Servers in the USA.
They benchmarked slower and less reliable, so I omitted them from my personal list.
OpenDNS is at the bottom because, although it is usually good, it also sometimes redirects, which is not good when using Kodi.




Fix SALTS in Kodi
Windows install - after / fusion gone:

If you need to install SALTS you can download and install the latest k3l3vra repository from zip, in Kod, or check for the latest versions of all things k3l3vra HERE. Then install SALTS from the k3l3vra repository you just added. BEWARE: There is a modified version, by someone other than k3l3vra, that has all trakt functionality stripped out of it, and the version number bumped up to 2.0.196, in order to push it to you as an update. The fix provided here, uses the latest OFFICIAL k3l3vra version of SALTS 2.0.195, and fixes the trakt issue, restoring full functionality. The modified add-on with trakt stripped out, is in an Exodus repository, by Merlin. The add-on even identifies Merlin as the source. Check HERE to find official k3l3vra updated versions of SALTS, until there is an OFFICIAL k3l3vra repository hosted somewhere, again.

To fix SALTS, provided the official version is installed, and until there is a new repo for k3l3vra and its dependencies, providing an official update for SALTS:
Log into your to account.
Click on:
Settings >> Your API Apps >>  New Application.
Type a name in the appropriate box. Like My-Trakt-Fix for example.
Optionally you may type a description in the appropriate box, or skip it..
In the Redirect URI box, use:  urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob  for device authentication.
Skip typing anything in Javascript origins box.
Check both of the boxes for permissions, for: checkin and scrobble.
Click on SAVE App.
Copy your API Key and Secret key numbers, and save them in order to copy and paste again later.

Using Windows File Manager (Windows Explorer) navigate to (showing hidden files):

Find the file, and back it up just in case, then open it in an editor like Notepad++

Copy and paste the Client ID you just got from, to V2_API_KEY = between the ' ' replacing the old key. Be sure you paste in between the '  '  replacing all of what is currently there.

Copy and paste the Client Secret you just got from, to CLIENT_SECRET = between the ' ', replacing the old secret. Be sure you paste in between the '  '  replacing all of what is currently there.

You will now be able to Authorize your Add-on for use with your Trakt account, thanks to your new API. Once Authorized, things should be working.

NOTE: You will likely need to turn off Auto Update settings for this add-on as long as the stripped down SALTS 2.0.196 exists, or Kodi will automatically update your SALTS to the un-official stripped down version.

If you have an Android set up, the path to your kodi / SALTS / file is (showing hidden files):

If you have a MAC set up, the path to your Kodi/SALTS file is (showing hidden files):
/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Kodi/addons/

If you have a Linux / Ububtu set up, the path to your Kodi / SALTS file is:

For those who are not comfortable doing the edit above, we have created a batch file script to fix Trakt in SALTS (also Exodus) for you.
The required files can be downloaded in a single zip file, HERE.


Missing thumbnails / fan-art Version
Temporarily add the beta repository zip file, and update SALTS to version 2.0.116
(NO LONGER AVAILABLE) - Download the latest TKNorris Beta repository Zip File Here
Or Add
to the Kodi File Manager, and Name it TKNorrisBeta
Then go to:   System >> Add-ons >> Install from zip file
Then Browse to File Manager location or the location you have downloaded the TKNorris Beta repository zip file, and add it.
Now, Get out of Add-ons and System, and go to Video >> Add-ons
Find SALTS, and Right click on it. Select Add-on information. Click Update, and select the latest Beta Version.
This should resolve the missing thumbnails, and fan-art!
You may change back to the release version, any time, simply by selecting   Add-on information >> Update   again, and selecting the release version, instead of the beta version from the list. SALTS will update to the selected version, replacing the beta with the release

Trakt for SALTS and others

Fix watched Episodes not automatically marked as watched:
Go to: System >> Add-ons >> Search
Enter Trakt in the search box, and run the search.
Scroll down to Script-Trakt
Install Script-Trakt

If you don't want to be prompted to rate every Movie or TV show you watch, as soon as they end, after installing Script-Trakt:
Right Click on Script-Trakt, and select Configure
Scroll tabs right, all the way to the Rating tab
Turn off the Rate Movie after watching radio button
Turn off the Rate TV show after watching radio button


Scraper Update for - Mainly for SLATS

The scraper setting for in your Kodi add-ons (such as SALTS) has recently (approximately 2/17/2016) changed, but is still a viable scraper setting, with some editing...
You must go to (The new site URL) and create a free account in order to gain API access for Kodi.

To access the Scraper Settings, in SALTS, run the SALTS add-on, and select:
Settings >> Add-on Settings
Then use the right cursor key to scroll across the tabs at the top of SALTS Settings, until you get to Scrapers1, then in Scrapers1 scroll down to Enabled, and adjust the settings per the following instructions:

Then use the Base Url:
in place of the address, in your Alluc Scraper1 Settings.
Then add the login info you set up for your free account, once you have registered.
It should once again work like a charm, and get you Movie, and TV sources results from Alluc.


ISP Blocking Icefilms:
Try Changing IceFilms Site URL
from:   to:
Many times your own ISP will block you from sites delivering content (movies) they feel may infringe on the Digital Rights of media owners.

ISP Blocking - Not available in your country: (If you really need that add-on) - Try adjusting your DNS Server Settings first.
DNS Server Settings didn't work: You need a Proxy Server which is located in the country you need to be from in order to gain access.
There are plenty of FREE proxy servers you may configure, and many Add-ons allow Proxy Settings in the Add-on.
Some plausible places to check out for free proxy server configurations are:
If your Add-on does not have proxy settings, all is not yet lost.
Try adding free proxy software like Proxifier, or plausibly ChrisPC.
VPN Services that get around media blockages per location, are simply Proxy Servers which you connect to using a VPN connection.
Unless your data needs the extra privacy and security of a VPN connection, all you really need is a (free) proxy server from the right location.
Kodi has Proxy Server Settings which can be taken advantage of, but will effect ALL Addons.

Ice Films metadata container download install fail - To Fix:
A bug in the meta handlers is not clearing out the previous work folders temporary files.
To resolve the issue manually, delete the contents of the work folder in the following location:

URL's to access Primewire (used by 1Channel) in it's Configuration:
If the default does not work the site also utilizes:
One could try these other URL's to see if you have more luck!
They will be redirected by primewire's server, and access the site.
Try the links in your web browser, and see for yourself. They will all end up on!

Other annoyances:
Excessively long Media Library Scans on Kodi Start up:

If you have added media, and every time you start Kodi your media library scans seemingly forever, then, to resolve this, you must Add the same media source all over again, and this time, set the settings not to scan / update the library on the folder which is holding things up.


Enable Streaming for 4 hours from these sources: - No longer working - No longer working  - has stopped the streaming movies or shows, or allowing api authorization. Sadly they are no longer viable.
Enabling streaming on either of these, below, enables streaming on both: - Redirects to - Redirects to
And, now both openloads redirect to: - THIS ONE WORKS!!!
NOTE: openload seems amazing for movies, but we have noticed buffering on TV shows.

NOTE: If your Kodi is running Full Screen instead of Windowed, you can easily switch to the Desktop,
in order to access your web browser, to effect Activation or Pairing for the sites above, by holding the Windows Key, and pressing D.
The web browsers Bookmark bar is a handy place to have VidUP, theVideo, and openload bookmarks, for just such Activation or Pairing.



Fix EXODUS in Kodi
Windows install - after / fusion gone:

This assumes Exodus installed correctly, but has issues with Trakt, and Search.
If you need to install Exodus, try the SimplyCaz repository listed above.

Section 1:
If you already set up your API in Trakt for SALTS or anything else, and have a client ID and Client Secret, you may skip this section, and go to Section 2. If not, you must complete this section, first.
Log into your to account.
Click on:
Settings >> Your API Apps >>  New Application.
Type a name in the appropriate box. Like My-Trakt-Fix for example.
Optionally you may type a description in the appropriate box, or skip it..
In the Redirect URI box, use:  urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob  for device authentication.
Skip typing anything in Javascript origins box.
Check both of the boxes for permissions, for: checkin and scrobble.
Click on SAVE App.
Copy your API Key and Secret key numbers and save them to copy and paste again later.

Section 2:
Using Windows File Manager (Windows Explorer) navigate to (showing hidden files):

Find the file, and back it up, just in case, then open it in an editor like Notepad++

Copy and paste the Client ID you just got from, to V2_API_KEY = between the ' ' replacing the old key. Be sure you paste in between the '  '  replacing all of what is currently there.

Copy and paste the Client Secret you just got from, to CLIENT_SECRET = between the ' ', replacing the old secret. Be sure you paste in between the '  '  replacing all of what is currently there.

You will now be able to Authorize your Add-on for use with your Trakt account, thanks to your new API. Once Authorized, things should be working.


If you have an Android set up, the path to your kodi / Exoduus / file is (showing hidden files):

If you have a MAC set up the path to your Kodi / Exodus file is (showing hidden files):
/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Kodi/addons/

If you have a Linux / Ubuntu set up, the path to your Kodi / Exodus file is:

For those who are not comfortable doing the edit above, we have created a batch file script to fix Trakt in Exodus (also SALTS) for you.
The required files can be downloaded in a single zip file, HERE.


Bob failing to install, because of failing to install dependencies:
Bob requires the MrKnow URL Resolver Add-on.
As of the writing of this troubleshooting tip, MrKnow is the dependency that is failing to install, during Bob installation.
To fix this, simply add MrKnow from the FilmKodi repository before installing the Bob Add-on.
If the repository is not current enough, try the link below for the latest MrKnow
Add to File Manager - Mr. Know
Link Name MrKnow


Then simply add the latest MrKnow script Zip file by selecting:
Settings >> Add-ons >> Install from zip file  >>
The latest  can also alternatively be downloaded, HERE.
It is suggested to select the latest / most updated file available. YYYY is year, MM is Month, and DD is day.
NOTE: The add-on MUST be up to date in order for Bob to function.
MrKnow must be constantly updated manually, from install from zip, picking the latest one, which can be annoying and tedious.

Network Stream Content from Kodi to your Network Capable Devices

Kodi can be Streamed to your network aware devices, such as smart TV's, and media boxes / sticks. If your computer is capable of sharing your display over your network (network streaming), then your network aware devices can certainly display Kodi.
A WiFi video stream of your computers display, and a USB Wireless keyboard work wonders.
A wireless keyboard does not need to be seen to control the computer (it's radio), it only has to be within range, for it to work.

Buy a Low Cost Android TV Box to run Kodi for your Home Theater
There is also a low cost ($69) Android TV Box, which does very well, running Kodi
Kodi can be installed on the Mi Box right from the App Store.
This box is touted as the best low cost Android TV Box.

It is available through Walmart and others, like Amazon

Once Kodi is installed from the Android APP Store, on the Mi Box, the interface (Kodi) is exactly the same, as it is on every other device / operating system. Only paths to Kodi's installed files are different.
Setting Kodi up will require the same procedures / links / repositories / add-ons.

To find those Kodi files in Android, you must make sure your file manager is set to display hidden files.
The path is:      Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/

Build a low cost dedicated Kodi Media Server Box for your Home Theater

A VERY low cost Media Server Box can be built and configured, and runs very well. It will take a bit more technical knowledge to install the operating system, and set up Kodi, on, however, as it will not be running Windows Operating System, but instead it will run on Raspberry Pi.

Build a Low-Cost Raspberry Pi / Kodi Media Center


Raspberry Pi Model B+ Revision 2.0 512 MB RAM ~$35.00
Panda 300Mbps Wireless-N USB Adapter (PAU05) ~$15.00
Transcend 8GB Class 10 SDHC Card (TS8GSDHC10) ~$9.00
SANOXY Wireless USB PC Remote Control Mouse for PC? ~$8.00


USB Wireless mini keyboard with touch-pad ~$18.00 to 39.99
Raspberry Pi Case? ~8.99
Raspberry Pi Power Supply ~7.75


Raspberry Pi Powered USB Hub, which some people use as the Raspberry Pi Power Supply ~31.49

Or get a bundle / kit made for just this purpose, Here:   MCM Electronics Raspberry Pi Media Center Kit  For $69.99

One may wish to external drives to a USB Hub on their Pi, for storage of their media collection, but it is not necessary to have this in order to use Kodi.

HERE is one guide to utilizing a Raspberry Pi as your Kodi media box.


Other Hardware Considerations

A Media Center Sized Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad - Not only functions as a remote, but allows you to search for content easily from across the room. Battery life about one year. A wireless USB Mouse works as well as a remote, but will make using the search more difficult.

A USB Digital TV Tuner for Windows - The included drivers provide the back end, and Kodi will utilize it's channels.

Linux requires an OpenELEC supported USB TV Tuner

Installing Kodi in Ubuntu (Linux)

Notes For OLD and Lacking Hardware Users: If this isn't you, skip to prerequisites. If you are running old hardware, and Ubuntu is not light enough on resources for your needs, be aware that the Ubuntu in Lubuntu is too stripped down for Kodi. There is a work around. You CAN install the LXDE Desktop environment right into Ubuntu, and when you switch Desktop Environments from Unity (Ubuntu's default) to LXDE, you will notice a substantial performance increase. While Kodi won't install in Lubuntu, it WILL install in Ubuntu in which an LXDE Desktop Environment has been installed. LXDE can easily be installed right from Ubuntu's Software Center. Search for Desktop Environment, and scroll to LXDE, and install it. When it is done installing, log out of Ubuntu. At the Log in Screen, click the Circular icon at the top right of the Password Box, and select the LXDE Desktop from the list, instead of the Ubuntu default. Then just type the password, and log into your LXDE Desktop Environment. LXDE uses Leafpad as its text editor, and LXTerm as its terminal. If you save a Kodi launcher (shortcut) to the LXDE desktop, it's Icon will be a plain white page icon, but it will work to launch Kodi, and Kodi has been shown to work perfectly.

Make Sure either Gedit or Leafpad are installed, via your Ubuntu Software Center (in Ubuntu), or Synaptic Package Manager, if it is not already, then proceed with the installation.
Also, make sure you have the latest flashplugin-installer. This is most easily done with Synaptic Package Manager.
Syaptic Package Manager can be installed using the Ubuntu Software Center, in Ubuntu, if you don't already have it.
The latest version of Ubuntu has flashplugin-installer already installed.

First we need to add the Kodi Repositories (The source for the Kodi packages you wish to download) to Ubuntu (Linux)
The sources.list file is the file which tells the apt command where to look, when you attempt to install a package in the Terminal.

Open your Terminal Application, and type (or Copy and Paste) the following line corresponding to the text editor installed on your system:

If Gedit is the installed text editor (default in Ubuntu), use the following line in your Terminal:

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

If LeafPad is the installed text editor, use the following line in your Terminal:

sudo leafpad /etc/apt/sources.list

NOTE: If neither Gedit or Leafpad is the text editor installed on your system, substitute the text editor name in the line, just after "sudo ", for the editor you have, or install Gedit or Leafpad, and then execute the appropriate line, above, in the Terminal window.

After adding the appropriate line in your terminal window, press enter on your keyboard, to open the sources.list file in your text editor.
You will need to type your password to authorize this.
Next, Copy and Paste the following 2 lines, to the bottom of the sources.list file in Gedit: but update yakkety to reflect your systems version.
Verison examples:
Version 16.04 is xenial
Version 16.10 is yackkety
Version 17.04 is zesty
Current command-lines are for yakkety. If this is not what you have installed, change "yakkety" to the name of your systems version.

deb yakkety main
deb-src yakkety main

After you have pasted the 2 lines above into your sources.list file, in Gedit, Click Save, to save the sources.list file with the additions you just made.
Close Gedit.

In the Terminal window add the following line (you may copy and paste), then press enter on your keyboard:

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 91E7EE5E

Next, when the line above is done performing its operations, add the following line to the Terminal, and press enter on your keyboard:

gpg --export --armor 91E7EE5E | sudo apt-key add -

Ubuntu (Linux) will now use the Kodi latest stable release repository.

Install Kodi from the Kodi Repositories:
Do the same you did for the 2 lines above in the Terminal Window, for each of the following lines below, adding them one at a time to the Terminal, and pressing enter on your keyboard, after the previous lines operation is finished:

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties pkg-config
sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kodi kodi-bin

Installing the PVR Client in order to watch IPTV in Kodi:
If you would like to stream Live TV channels using IPTV, you will need to install the following PVR IPTV Simple Client, as well.

In the Terminal add the following line, and press enter. You may Copy and Paste the line:

sudo apt-get install kodi-pvr-iptvsimple

NOTE: When you install the PVR IPTV Simple Client, it will not be found in Get Addons. When you need to configure the Addon, it will be found in PVR clients, located in either Enabled Addons,  or Disabled Addons, but NOT Get Addons.

At this point, the latest stable release of Kodi should be installed in your Ubuntu (Linux) Operating system, and ready to set up.
To set up Kodi, now, simply scroll back up to the top of this page, and follow the guide, from:
Step 2 - Add Repositories and Add-ons to set up Kodi.

Updating Kodi in Ubuntu (Linux)

To update Kodi when new versions are released, just do a general system/package update, or use the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Note: In some cases where additional packages are required, Kodi will fail to upgrade, using the upgrade commands as above.
When this happens, simply use the following line (below) in your terminal window, in order to install the additional packages:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade



Resolvers and Scrapers to test DNS Servers against
This is a preliminary list. When links are added it will move to a more prominent location.

Resolvers and Scrapers to test DNS Servers against






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